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12 Jul 2024

Adam Belardino Education & Career

Entrepreneur, Adam Belardino is backed by extensive academic qualifications. Belardino is a proud graduate of Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business Management.

Fordham Preparatory School

Attending Fordham Preparatory School set the foundation for Adam Belardino’s pathway to success.  An elite and top-rated institution located on the Fordham University campus, Fordham Prep has equipped young men with the tools for academic and career success since 1841.  Belardino’s experiences at Fordham Prep aptly prepared him for his future pursuits. Even still today, he looks back on his experiences at Fordham fondly. Belardino is proud to have attended the country’s first and arguably most prestigious Jesuit academic institution.  He and his family deeply value Jesuit ideals, which are kept central in their lives.

Fairfield University

Dolan School of Business Management

Adam Belardino graduated from Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business Management in 2006.  Ambitious in drive, Belardino obtained both a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

In 2019, Adam Belardino returned to Fairfield University to represent the Startup Showcase Panel.  Honored to be invited, Belardino deeply enjoyed the opportunity to encourage eager student entrepreneurs.  He looks forward to lending his expertise to young entrepreneurs more in the future. Belardino is open to the idea of potentially mentoring young professionals interested in pursuing the entrepreneurial path.

Boston College

Carroll School of Management

Most of Adam Belardino’s expertise in entrepreneurship has been earned through experience.  But in order to keep pace with the evolving startup realm, Belardino decided to return to school at the graduate level.  In pursuit of his Master of Business Administration, the seasoned entrepreneur enrolled in Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.  As always, Belardino is eager to network with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of industries. Swapping ideas and discussing strategies with his peers is a highlight of the graduate school experience.