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18 Apr 2024

Adam BelardinoAdam Belardino is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Maddox Group. A seasoned entrepreneur, Belardino is backed by years of experience in funding and backing startups. He also supports numerous charities and nonprofits.

In 2017, Adam Belardino co-founded The Maddox Group, an advanced marketing and executive consulting group.  Drawing on his years of experience in the business world, Belardino and his team craft unique core strategies for executives across numerous industries.  As the Group branches out more and more across the country, Belardino looks forward to working with clients both near and far. Currently, The Maddox Group maintains offices in San Francisco, California, Austin, Texas and on the East Coast.


Education & Academic Career

Adam Belardino is a graduate of Fordham Preparatory School.  A private, all-male, college preparatory school, Fordham Prep is the oldest Jesuit academic institution in the United States.  Located on Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus, the school offers exceptional opportunities for academic growth and prosperity.  Belardino is proud to have graduated from Fordham Prep and continues to live a life dedicated to the Jesuit values instilled within him during his enrollment.

After graduating from Fordham Preparatory School, Adam Belardino pursued his undergraduate studies at Fairfield University.  Determined to kickstart his career in full force, Belardino double majored during his enrollment at Fairfield. In 2006, he graduated from the University’s Dolan School of Business Management with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Charity & Volunteer Work

For several years, Adam Belardino has been a proud member of Umbrella Club Charter Group.  The nonprofit is a local initiative that offers support to children and adults with disabilities in Belardino’s community.  He is proud to be a part of such an important and empowering organization in his own neighborhood. Outside of his membership with Umbrella Club Charter Group, Belardino also supports the Suicide Prevention Lifeline as a regular contributor.  He hopes that his support of the network can help to make a genuine difference in the lives of individuals who suffer from suicidal thoughts and struggle with addiction and other mental illnesses.


Umbrella Club 37th Annual Raffle 

Due to the pandemic, the Umbrella Club was sadly unable to host two fundraising events in 2020. The nonprofit relies on these events to continue their positive impact within the community. Umbrella Club Charter Group member, Adam Belardino, shares info on the charity’s upcoming 37th…