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12 Jul 2024

Adam Belardino Startups & Entrepreneurship

Adam Belardino is an energized entrepreneur with extensive experience in funding and backing startups. As Co-Founder and CEO of The Maddox Group, Belardino works to provide companies with unique and innovative core strategies.

Funding & Backing

Over the years, Adam Belardino has funded and backed various startup ventures.  Early on, the entrepreneur funded and backed meal kit delivery services. Registering the potential value in such a venture, Belardino supported launching efforts of Blue Apron, a leader in the now rising industry.  Moving forward, he is interested in funding and backing more meal kit delivery service startups. In his view, this new industry is incredibly applicable to today’s culture of convenience.

The Maddox Group

Adam Belardino is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Maddox Group.  Founded in 2017, Maddox is an executive consulting and advanced marketing group.  With the client’s unique needs in mind, Belardino and his team tailor effective marketing and consulting strategies for each individual company.  The Maddox Group is revered for the team’s dedication to developing unique core strategies rooted in growth and security. Above all else, Belardino aims to help his clients and their companies thrive — for the long term.  With office locations down south, as well as on the east and west coasts, Maddox Group is ambitious about working with clients based throughout the country. Business leaders turn to Maddox when looking to increase profits and company efficacy in new and innovative ways. 

In 2020, Adam Belardino looks forward to expanding operations with his Maddox Group team.  Belardino continuously emphasizes the importance in the culture and belief in teamwork. The CEO and Co-Founder has previously reflected on this belief, which he views as a cornerstone in his professional approaches.  Without a set emphasis on culture and the belief in teamwork, there is neither a team nor executable vision. With this in mind, Belardino works diligently alongside his Maddox Group team members, rather than above. Rolling up his sleeves to dive into the ideas developed by his team, Belardino prefers a hands-on approach as CEO.