In a recent article from Entrepreneur, Adam Enfroy details how he turned his side hustle of a blog into a full-time career. He explains that he accomplished this by scaling his blog like a startup, and focusing less on writing content. Adam Belardino, Startup Strategist, dives into this unique approach to the blogging dream:

Blogging, for some writers, transitions from a hobby into a business.  For others, it fizzles out before the spark even starts.  Adam Enfroy explains that if you want to turn your blog into a sustainable career pursuit, you’ll have to treat it like a business from the get-go.  Here are key takeaways from Enfroy’s interview with Entrepreneur on the subject:

  1. Treat your blog like a startup
  2. Focus on scaling more than writing content
  3. Don’t be afraid to outsource;  “Jeff Bezos didn’t write every word for Amazon… [you shouldn’t have to do everything [yourself].
  4. Determine whether or not your blog can actually make money (hint: keyword research)
  5. Mistakes are okay!! Trial and error is key to the process