When it comes to big business, China can be quick to take the first leap. This month, entrepreneur, Adam Belardino takes a look at the startup trends that are taking off in the Middle Kingdom. 

The startup trends that thrive on the other side of the world often make their way over to the United States.  Keeping that futuristic vision in mind, why not jump ahead of your competitors by launching an idea before they know about it?  By observing the rising startup trends in China, startup strategist and core strategies expert, Adam Belardino has tips for you on which industries you should set your entrepreneurial sights on in the later half of 2020.

  1. Used Car Sales

Ah, yes:  the used car business.  It’s been around almost as long as automobiles themselves!  In general, used car dealerships do reasonably well, considering the need for vehicular transportation just doesn’t seem to go away.  But why is used car sales an industry to watch in 2020?  The secret is a high tech twist on the classic industry.  Smartphone app-based used car sales platforms, like Carvana, are becoming more and more popular in Asian countries.

  1. Accounting

Accounting is also taking quite well to a high tech shakeup.  In China, bookkeeping app BukuWarung is quickly gaining popularity — and profitable traction.  In this world of convenience (and social distancing), an accounting app just feels more modern.  Consider diving into this new, (largely) unclaimed territory prior to tax season to get your startup off the ground — before the competitors even land.