In times of crisis, the smart think fast. In times of COVID-19, entrepreneurs get innovative to keep their startups and small businesses surviving — and thriving.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented entrepreneurs with times of uncertainty.  That much is clear.  Some entrepreneurs haven’t been able to navigate the storm, and their startups have suffered as a result.  But when determined to stay put and in business — the true innovators step forward and seize the day.

So how are entrepreneurs keeping their businesses going during the pandemic?  There are actually two ways.

  1. Contact-less Delivery & Curbside Pickup

Businesses that had never even considered delivery or pickup as options for their model are now welcoming the concept with open arms.  In fact, it’s actually keeping a lot of ventures afloat — even for businesses you wouldn’t expect, outside of the food industry.

  1. Digitization

Now more than ever, startups are realizing:  to stay on top, you need to go digital!  Social media posts and other web-based content are keeping a lot of startups going… even if the model previously called for in-person services.