From grade to grad school — eLearning is on the rise. Will entrepreneurs take heed to this rising, innovative startup concept? Or is eLearning just a phase?

To say the least, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on numerous hardships for the world.  In the United States, distance learning fulfilled a social distance integral alternative to completing the school year.  This experience has proven to many non-believers that online school can be just as enriching and fulfilling as traditional in-person approaches.  Now, some parents are wondering if they’d like to give eLearning a try when school starts again in the Fall of 2020.

Web-based learning, or eLearning, has been on the rise for a bit now.  Adults returning to college to revisit an unfinished degree or polish off a whole new qualification have been enjoying the collegiate brand of online school for years now.  In these modern times, homeschooling often means online school, too.

The entrepreneurial mindset in Adam Belardino begs the question will private online schools become a normal thing?  It will be interesting to see how this potential startup opportunity will play out after the pandemic settles down.  Now that more parents are taking online schooling a bit more seriously, doors of opportunity are opening…

And of course, nontraditional approaches call of nontraditional lessons, right? Perhaps the market for eLearning outside of traditional educational bounds could take center stage. (I.e. language learning, skill-based learning, etc.) Only time will tell where this startup concept leads!